Studies Show That Employees Leave or Stay Based on how they feel

Wired’s article about the neuroscience of decision making explains concisely how EMOTIONS are actually what drive and most inform every life decision.  CEOs and HR leaders spend $1B in the US alone on Employee Engagement Surveys and programs. WHY? Because the research is clear: engagement increases productivity and profitability. (The numbers here are impressive. Often […]

The Great Resignation and How Data-Driven Employee Engagement Can Change the Game in Tech and Beyond?

Anthony Klotz, an organizational psychologist at Texas A&M University, coined the phrase “The Great Resignation” in the earlier part of 2021. The unprecedented number of voluntary resignations prompted this new terminology–––also known as “The Big Quit.” The pandemic played a vital role in this phenomenon, undoubtedly; however, examining the underlying causes that, when combined with […]

Why Emotions Are The Deciding Factor In Any Work Environment

SEE THE EMOTIONS OF YOUR EMPLOYEES: WHY EMOTIONS ARE THE DECIDING FACTOR IN ANY WORK ENVIRONMENT What are employee engagement surveys typically? At their essence, they are opinion surveys. They tell you what your employees think about communications within the company or what they think about their leadership or others’ commitment to quality; but, engagement […]

What is the Spark’d Lens™?

The Spark’d Lens is a ground-breaking discovery based on data and science that has been validated tens of thousands of times. Like a camera lens, it allows you to see your individual or your team’s work experience clearly; and, comes with the tools to impact change and measure progress.  The SPARK’dLens frames what you are […]