The Myth of Organizational Responsibility in Employee Engagement

The Myth of Organizational Responsibility Needs to be Challenged In this short article, we examine one of the most enduring myths about Employee Engagement: that it is something that organizations and its leaders are responsible for effecting. And if that is a myth (and it is!) what can leaders do about employee engagement and what […]

How Companies Can Support Engagement Throughout the Employment Lifecycle

Employee engagement is generally seen as a subset of the whole employee experience, and therefore as the responsibility of leaders. Measurement is done via a survey of every employee, at the same time. Results are collated, conclusions drawn and actions taken. But what if there was another way of doing things?

What Is the Spark’d Lens™?

The Spark’d Lens is a ground-breaking discovery based on data and science – validated tens of thousands of times. Like a camera lens, it provides focus, using two important filters – Meaning and Progress; the key ingredients in creating passion at work.

Why Emotions Are The Deciding Factor In Any Work Environment

Typically employee engagement surveys are opinion surveys. They tell you what your employees think.
But, engagement is an EMOTION. It’s about how we feel when we are at work. It’s an emotion that describes our overall feeling of our work experience.

Studies Show That Employees Leave or Stay Based on How They Feel

It’s all about the neuroscience of decision making. Effective employee listening drives effective actions that keep employees emotionally connected. The more emotionally connected they are, the more they innovate, the better they execute and the longer they stay.

The Role of Employee Listening in Well-being

70% of HR leaders rank wellbeing and mental health as the top priority in today’s workplace.

This article explores how EMPLOYEE LISTENING can help. The emotional profiles and comprehensive strategies for shifting people towards a more positive work experience, generates greater well-being,

The Role of Employee Listening in Recognition

Employee listening matters. Employees want to use their talents, be challenged, and be recognized for making a difference; for contributing in meaningful ways.
So how do leaders know what to recognize? By LISTENING…