The ROI of Employee Listening in Employee Experience

The difference between listening and really hearing

Why are survey participation rates often low? Why do HR managers tell me there is survey fatigue? 

In our work with our clients around the world, we see a direct correlation between LISTENING and results!

Engaging a company to administer a survey is easy. The REAL work begins when you decide to open your hearts and minds to the data and HEAR what the employees are saying about how they FEEL about their work. 

Once you know how they FEEL and what is driving those emotions, you can take ACTION and change their career and work EXPERIENCE!

We need to understand how people feel

So how does this work? At Spark, we have made a ground-breaking discovery, based on data and science that has been validated tens of thousands of times. We call it the Spark’dLens.

Like a camera lens, it allows you to see the employee work experience clearly; and, comes with action tools to impact meaning and measure progress. The SPARK’dLens frames what employees are experiencing to empower them–as an individual or in teams or as a workforce–to take action to boost and support a positive work experience. 

The Spark’d Lens frames individual and teamwork experiences through two filters: Meaning and Progress, which are the key ingredients in creating passion at work. 

The Spark’dLens de-mystifies the employee experience by breaking it down into understandable emotional states. 

These findings are then reflected back to employees. The result? VALIDATION. When employees hear their experience described back to them ACCURATELY and EMPATHICALLY, the cynicism and fatigue evaporate. They feel LISTENED to and UNDERSTOOD. 

Then, when you connect the dots between how they FEEL and what needs to CHANGE to shift them into a passionate state, they are willing to work WITH YOU to create the work experience they desire most.


The bottom line?

The ROI? Employees become more fulfilled and engaged producing an elevated work experience; and the business thrives. The numbers are striking: 20%+ improvement in profitability, 40%+ increase in productivity and double digit increase in retained earnings. 

Lowering your defenses when presented with the data and adopting a curious mindset that seeks to make connections across the data to inform action, is a winning formula! And, at Spark, we provide the insight and action plans to create high impact change. 


What Is the Spark’d Lens™?

The Spark’d Lens is a ground-breaking discovery based on data and science – validated tens of thousands of times. Like a camera lens, it provides focus, using two important filters – Meaning and Progress; the key ingredients in creating passion at work.

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