Studies Show That Employees Leave or Stay Based on How They Feel

Wired’s article about the neuroscience of decision making explains concisely how EMOTIONS are actually what drive and most inform every life decision. 

CEOs and HR leaders spend $1B in the US alone on Employee Engagement Surveys and programs. WHY? Because the research is clear: engagement increases productivity and profitability. (The numbers here are impressive. Often double-digit growth and engaged employees are 3X more productive than typical employees, according to many studies.)

Here is what’s true: The more your employees are EMOTIONALLY CONNECTED connected to your organization, the more they INNOVATE, the better they EXECUTE, and the longer they STAY.

CEOs and business leaders have become somewhat cynical about employee engagement surveys and programs, due largely to the fact that many have found their engagement scores plateauing, along with their organization’s growth. Also, every engagement survey seems to be more or less the same with the same challenges in understanding the data and knowing what actions to take to make a real difference.

The challenge is how to take an employee engagement industry that hasn’t changed in 20 years and make it relevant to a young, dynamic workforce that’s grown up with gamification and personalization.

Well, you turn the industry upside down. Start with the INDIVIDUAL. Build an employee engagement program around EACH of your PEOPLE, providing each person with their OWN ENGAGEMENT PROFILE and ACTION PLAN. 

INSIGHT is power, and through DATA and SCIENCE, this INSIGHT is ACTIONABLE and MEASURABLE.  Once people understand themselves better, and their own engagement drivers, they can self-manage their employee experience. To personally and immediately improve how THEY FEEL about the organization, their work, progress and meaning. They will actively pursue what matters most and will strive to achieve progress. 

Putting employee engagement solely in the hands of managers and leaders is a mistake the industry has perpetuated, but through the SPARK’dLens–––the DATA and SCIENCE-driven insights and measurable outcomes for EACH INDIVIDUAL, as well as for LEADERSHIP and the organization as a whole–––everything changes. Now every person INDIVIDUALLY has the insight and tools to create the work experience that will move the dial COLLECTIVELY on employee engagement.

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