• “When people work together in ways that promote meaning, creativity, learning and progress, we transform our organizations – momentum and results are inevitable!”
    Jacqueline Throop-Robinson
    CEO Spark Engagement Inc.
  • “We help organizations and leaders move toward self-organizing systems that generate passion, create personal accountability and inspire shared leadership.”
Thought Leadership
Turn your current challenges into a platform for growth.

As the CEO of Spark Engagement, Jacqueline Throop-Robinson launched her most recent book Fire up Your Team in 2013. An Amazon Bestseller in 2014, this insightful handbook for leaders, provides...

Engaging Employees
Discover the drivers to take you to the next level.

Engaging people means connecting them to what is meaningful and purposeful and ensuring each person experiences a sense of progress within their current work and within their career.

Transforming Leaders
Tackle increasing complexity, change and ambiguity by transforming how you work.

Spark Engagement's seminars and workshops offer leadership development and teambuilding opportunities as people engage in meaningful exchanges in more intimate settings...

Resources & Tools
Align today's choices with your deepest aspirations.

Spark Engagement works with clients to identify the right tool and timing for key opportunities or challenges. Choosing how to move forward is dependent on your current position and your desired destination.


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  • The next generation Spark Engagement survey and operational model. See www.sparkengagementindex.com.

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