Employee engagement
with individual accountability.


Using our practical, science-based tool called the Spark’dLens, we offer a customized employee engagement program delivered at the individual, team and company level.

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Why Spark'd?

Why do some people thrive in their workplaces and others struggle?

Do your people feel they have meaningful work and a path for progress?

More than ever, attracting & retaining key talent is the highest priority in the digital workplace revolution.

Science-Based Questions

Typically, engagement surveys are comprised of unrelated, random questions that don’t “add up” to a conclusion, an overall picture of the organization, or an actionable direction; therefore, ROI is compromised.

Most importantly they only assess opinions not feelings.

The Individual is Key

What’s more, most surveys ignore the individual: no individual profiles and no personal ideas to action. Exceptional workplaces that attract, retain and secure talent are built from the ground up, not just the top down.

Our data and science have verified that when employees feel seen and become passionately engaged, organizations benefit in critical and immediately measurable ways.

Emotion vs. Opinion

Studies show employees stay or leave, based on how they feel. It is emotion, not opinion, that drives decisions – how employees work and whether they go or stay.


We can help scientifically measure the emotions of your team and their levels of engagement.

Spark'd Principles

Personalization, Empowerment, Accountability & Transparency
are now more powerful than ever.

These are the principles upon which Spark’d created its proprietary Measures, Spark'dLens and Individual Profiles - delivering insights for the 21st Century workplace.

Whether you have 20 or 20,000 employees, Spark’d is the only employee-experience survey that scientifically measures emotions – how people are feeling, rather than mere opinions – to crack the code as to why people feel the way they do.

When you know what’s in the hearts and minds of your employees, you will see your way forward. Engaging individuals and teams, personally and powerfully, makes the difference.

These Principles Produce Results:

The Spark'd Difference

The only survey that empowers the individual as much as managers & leaders.

Spark’d is the only Employee Experience Survey that gives individuals an accurate lens into their own hearts and minds.

Each person who participates in the Spark’d survey receives a confidential, personalized report. The Spark’dLens gives every person the information, the tools, and the insights they need to enhance their work experience and engagement.

Individual Accountability:

Everyone gains the knowledge and tools to work together to make their own work experience better, their team’s work life better, as well as the overall culture. Each employee, from the mail clerk to the CEO, receives insight through personalized data to support healthy interactions with the company. Employees become collaborators and partners, helping build a compelling culture, while creating their own place in it.

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Game-changing insight – for each individual. The profiles explain why someone feels the way he or she does. Our algorithm provides a description of the current state of engagement and why one feels this way.

Action Ready:

We identify the engagement drivers that are strengths and the blockers; and give specific ideas to action as well as best practices that are within the individual’s control.

The only survey that paints a true picture of a team’s emotional engagement state and offers:


Best Practices that are simple but impactful – applied to your sector


Execution ready and practical reporting


Resource light - Spark’d bears the administration, communication and action-planning burden


Transparency guaranteed as company results are integrated at all levels of reporting, down to the individual dashboard


Cost effective - full service program

Our data and science allow companies to truly see themselves and take collective action through tried and true best practices, while simultaneously empowering each employee — to take action in service of their own engagement.

Agility and speed to market are everything and the cost of employee turnover is debilitating. The bottom line: sluggish innovation and slow productivity result from poor EMOTIONAL connection to work, one’s career and the organization.

This is organizational health on a whole new level – personal fulfillment with measurable results bottom to top, inside and out.

How do you think your team feels?

click the appropriate emotional state:

Actions & Best Practices

Spark’d approaches action planning in an extremely pragmatic and impactful way: by customizing practices that will resonate with teams and employees and will register significant, positive results survey after survey.

Pages and pages of data, without a clear message and direction, leads many executives and managers into ‘analysis paralysis’. This results in non-action or cumbersome engagement programs which delay impact and results.

Our reports contain algorithms that highlight the 3 most relevant strengths, the 3 most critical focus areas plus, as an added bonus, the 3 key drivers of retention with the 3 reasons employees might be tempted to leave. Focus creates traction and impact, giving you the ROI you desire.

Our reports are automated so clients can get to work right away on making a difference.

Integrates with
other solutions.

Commitments, historical data, contractual obligations or familiarity prevent creating a “stacked” program that leverages the best of multiple vendors to increase efficacy. Spark’d believes in collaboration and synergizing strengths to provide unique solutions. We welcome the opportunity to add bench strength to your engagement program.

We create customized solutions to complement your current program.

We can integrate with your existing solutions to jump start programs that have slowed and need a refresh.

We work at the individual level to ensure everyone participates and receives benefits, including personally.

We work with other vendors to integrate our models, data and insights to strengthen or broaden other programs, such as leadership development programs, wellbeing programs, career development programs as well as the core employee engagement program.

Request a 30-minute consultation to see if our individual reports might be right for your program

The Science

With over 25 years of applied global research and 10,000 users, Spark’d delivers relevant insight and benchmarks.

Spark’d starts with science and ends with results.

Our proprietary measures and models, called the Spark’dLens, provide data and practices for individuals, teams and organizations that deliver quantifiable, predictable results.

Why Science Matters

We measure the actual emotional reality of your employees and  not simply their opinions.

The science of emotion is data driven, enabling people to make constructive, immediate, and informed change from the employee level to the organizational level.

Science eliminates the guesswork: the questions to ask are known (30 is all you need!); and, the data that results is reliable.

You will be able to direct your time, efforts and resources on areas that will make the greatest difference and result in ROI.

You will be able to direct your time, efforts and resources on areas that will make the greatest difference and result in ROI.

25 years and tens of thousands of surveys and action plans later, we have the data and science that gives leaders actionable insight into their people, and indivdiuals, the knowledge and power to own their work experience and engagement.

Check out this article: What is the Spark’d Lens?


At Spark’d we are passionate about helping employees become fully engaged in their work. We know that when that happens, they contribute more, stay longer and help to attract other like-minded people to the organization they work for. Everyone wins. Effective employee listening plays a vital role in building and sustaining successful organizations. Our proven, science-based approach results in lasting change. Take a look at some of our short articles below and if you’d like to find out more, please contact us – we’d be delighted to hear from you.

What is the Spark’d Lens

The Spark’d Lens is a ground-breaking discovery based on data and science – validated tens of thousands of times. Like a camera lens, it provides focus, using two important filters – Meaning and Progress; the key ingredients in creating passion at work.

Employees Leave or Stay Based on How They Feel: STUDY

It’s all about the neuroscience of decision making. Effective employee listening drives effective actions that keep employees emotionally connected. The more emotionally connected they are, the more they innovate, the better they execute and the longer they stay.

Can Employees be Given Engagement Responsibility?

Attracting and retaining talented people is tightly correlated with having an engaged workforce. So there are few more important tasks for leaders in any organization than to create the conditions in which people can become and stay, highly – preferably passionately – engaged.

About Us

We started off curious about why some people were passionate about their work and others struggled. We listened to people’s frustrations and joys and asked lots of questions! Over time, we developed a working model that resonated with our participants across many continents.

Through our findings, our aim is to ignite passion, productivity and performance and give people the knowledge and tools to create passionate work experiences and workplaces.

We are a leading, specialty employee engagement company, making significant contributions in the field of employee motivation and passion. Spark’d enjoys global reach through affiliates in Europe, Asia, Australia and North America.

With 25 years of research and consulting, Spark’d equips individuals, leaders and organizations with science-based tools and best practices to provide the insight required for impactful results.

If individuals are able to self-actualize at your workplace, they will stay.”

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